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Remembrance Service & Full Membership Welcoming Service

On Sunday 11th November 2018 we held our Remembrance Service followed by a Welcome to Full Membership Service. We would like to thank everyone who was able to attend. To our new full members, you are not just a part of our Church now but you will become part if it’s history whilst becoming part […]
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International medium Steven Holbrook – Special Demonstration of mediumship

​On Thursday 17th May 2018 we welcomed back by popular demand International medium Steven Holbrook to take a Special Demonstration of mediumship. Steven delivered messages from Spirit with his own style, bringing tears and laughter throughout the evening. We wish to thank Steven again for supporting our Church and
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​Mavis Pittilla OSNU to take a Demonstration of Mediumship

​On Saturday 24th March 2018, we welcomed International medium and teacher, Mavis Pittilla OSNU to take a Demonstration of Mediumship. There was not a spare seat in the church and what a wonderful night it was. The atmosphere and the energies in the church were so uplifting. Mavis worked in her own lovely
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