Church Committee

Church Committee Members

Lisa LeesonActing President
Lisa first attended Chatham Street in 2019, and joined the committee that September. Her interests include cold water swimming, spiritual discovery and mediumship. She lives in Stockport with her partner Craig, where they co-own Zentura Sanctuary.
Dawn LonerganActing Secretary
Dawn has been attending the church since 2020 and is now involved in the bookings, membership, events and social media side of our beloved sanctuary. She lives in Didsbury with her Romanian and Greek rescue pets and she is a budding florist having recently set up Her new business – Floral Angels. She also enjoys raising money for local charities by skydiving out of planes, photography, walking, painting and decorating, attending spiritual development classes and watching live music.
Nicola HardbattleActing Treasurer
Nicola has been attending the church for many years. She is interested in mediumship and healing. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. She lives in Stockport with her husband and 2 children.
Marcia PeelOrdinary Member
Marcia has been attending the church for 5 years. Her interests are in Spirit Art, Mediumship, All Healing.  Marcia lives in Stockport with her youngest son & beautiful Lily the dog.
Gemma GoreyOrdinary Member
Gemma has been attending Stockport Spiritualist Church for over ten years.  Gemma is interested in healing, mediumship, parapsychology  and writing.  She lives in Stockport with her husband and son.
Reuven JassarOrdinary Member
Reuven has had some involvement with Spiritualism and has been attending various Churches since he was young with members of his family, first having attended Stockport Church in the late 1990’s. He has an interest in alternative medicine/ health/ diet, holistic therapies etc
Amongst his various pastimes are antiques , collectibles, retro, nostalgia, vintage films/ music, National Trust etc and is an animal-lover
Laura BirdOrdinary Member
Laura has been coming to Stockport Spiritualist Church for a number of years and is interested in Spiritualism and Spiritual healing.  She lives in Stockport with her two beautiful daughters.