Remembrance Service & Full Membership Welcoming Service

Remembrance Service & Full Membership Welcoming Service

On Sunday 11th November 2018 we held our Remembrance Service followed by a Welcome to Full Membership Service.
We would like to thank everyone who was able to attend. To our new full members, you are not just a part of our Church now but you will become part if it’s history whilst becoming part of its future.
One of our new full members Sophie Pritchard expressed these words:

I was delighted to be invited to the New Members welcome service at our SNU Church in Chatham Street in Stockport.

It was a lovely ceremony led our President Sherena Pennington and our Vice President, Debbie Ridgway OSNU, officer of the church.

As we read our pledge to be a full member of the church and to adopt Spiritualism as our religion, it became very emotional. It felt more than a pledge but joining a spiritual family, made of like-minded
people, joined in our belief in Spiritualism and our acceptance of the Seven Principles of the Spiritualist National Union, SNU.

My quest of becoming a fully accredited SNU medium would not have happen without the support of the church. I am still in training but I wouldn’t have attempted it without the encouragement of Sherena
and Debbie and of course my first teacher, Patricia (our former President).

I didn’t consider becoming a fully-fledged medium in the past, although I have been involved in spiritualism for many years. Reasons being, lack of confidence and belief in myself and fear of
public speaking and of inaccuracy of my messages.

Attending the church’s various courses and development groups, I built my confidence over 2 years, the belief in what I am doing and the trust in Spirit became established. Although, I am always a bit
nervous before doing a service in training, the fear has gone, replaced by enjoying being of service.

I can even take this even further by saying my confidence has grown in my every-day life and with copping with difficult situations. I find situations which were very stressful for me in the past, feel more
manageable now.

I can say that Spirituality has enriched and improved my life. I feel it is an honour to be a Spiritualist and to be given the opportunity to use my mediumship gift in helping others while serving churches.

Sophie Pritchard, Full Church Member
Student PAS (Platform Accreditation)

Photo, from left to right  Caroline, Tony (Full members) Sherena Pennington (President) Debbie Ridgway (Officiant & Vice president) Nicola & Sophie (Full Members)

Author: Jonathan Towler

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