Candle Service 2014

Candle Service 2014

On Tuesday 16th December 2014 Minister Janette Cookson was the Demonstrator at our Candle Service. It was a lovely evening with a Roll Call Of Honour for all family and friends who are in Spirit, Janette give a lovely service with wonderful evidence.

We would like to thank Janette and everyone who attended, it was our last Tuesday service of the year and it was a wonderful turnout, filled with wonderful people.

There were many wonderful tributes to Janette during the course of the afternoon. Janette serves on Manchester District Council and is the Education Officer for the area. Janette works tirelessly to help many churches and individuals and we are sure that in her role as Minister she will help many more.

We wish Janette all the best for the future.

Committee Members with Minister Janette Cookson (centre)

Author: Jonathan Towler

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