Closed Service with Altrincham Spiritualist Church

Closed Service with Altrincham Spiritualist Church

On Thursday 25th July 2019 Stockport Students shared a closed service with developing students from Altrincham Spiritualist Church.

It was a wonderful service, filled with encouragement, warmth & love, Our thanks go to one of our Committee MembersĀ  Debbie Ridgway OSNU and Ann Merrick from Altrincham Church, for arranging the evening.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the service, for the roles that you played, taking up the challenge and working in truth with Spirit.

You have made not only your mentors proud but the spirit world too.

Photograph: Stockport and Altrincham Church Students

Author: St0ckp0rtSp1r1tual1stChurch

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