Spiritualist Healing Day

Spiritualist Healing Day

On Sunday 17th January we celebrated Spiritualist Healing Day this lovely service was Chaired by our Healing Leader Paul Harris DSNU and healing was given by two of our trainee healers, Rhonda and Carole.

Why do we hold a Healing Service? What makes it special?
Well, spiritual healing is something that is of special significance to the Spiritualist National Union and its members. It has always been part of Modern Spiritualism and, once a person has found proof of life beyond physical death,then he learns he can also tap in to that spirit world through spiritual healing and the Spiritualists’ National Union’s healing mediums.

The ability to manifest healing energy means Churches like ourselves can offer to expand this gift by holding a Healing Service, where all the congregation are involved and the focus of the service is to raise positive healing energy to lift the spirits of all those at the service.

If you missed this service but would like to join us again, we aim to hold Healing Services on the First Sunday of the month starting from Sunday 6th March. Service times 3-4pm.

Images; Paul Harris DSNU Healing Leader and trainee healers Rhonda and Carole

Author: Jonathan Towler

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