Trio of International Mediums

Trio of International Mediums

On Friday 2nd February 2018 we welcomed a trio of mediums from overseas, a first for our church.

Diana English who is Dutch/ American, Patrice Putkamer who is Dutch and Karin Huber who is German, took the service.

Diana, Patrice and Karin’s combined energies as they worked together was wonderful to witness and they each in their unique way brought that wonderful evidence from our loved ones. It was a truly special night.

All the Committee members would like to sincerely thank Diana, Patrice and Karin for giving their time to support the Church for our Fundraising Event and giving such a wonderful service. We hope to invite them back again when they come over to the UK again.

Thank you to everyone who attended to ensure the night was a success.

Author: Jonathan Towler

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