Hydesville Divine Service

Hydesville Divine Service

We held a beautiful Hydesville Service here today at Stockport SNU Spiritualist church to celebrate Hydesville Day, which is on the 31st March. This date is celebrated throughout the Spiritualist National Union. The essence of Hydesville Day is to remind everyone how modern spiritualism began in earnest in 1848 with the Fox Sisters and the three importance elements of spiritualism (i) The use of a code provided evidence (ii) That some people were naturally mediums (iii) That communication was possible.

With the birth of modern spiritualism in mind, we asked our students to carry the theme one step further, and give cameo talks on those Pioneers who have inspired them personally, and equally progressed spiritualism through the years to present day.

The students taking part was Peter Bottomley, Debbie Kay, June Petrie and Caroline Astbury. I am proud to say they each gave in depth information on these pioneers and was complimented by members of the congregation for what turned out to be an inspired educational lesson in the history of what, and who made spiritualism what it is today.

Our thanks go out to Michelle for making a very special celebration cake, in the shape of a Victorian hat depicting the photograph of the Fox sisters. It tasted even better than it looked

Also our very own Marian Goulden, received some lovely philosophy, which she has kindly given us permission to share with you.

During Springtime Spiritualists around the world celebrate Hydesville Day on 31st March which for our religion marks the beginning of Modern Spiritualism.

This time of year reminds us of growth and birth as we see the fruits of our labour from planting and sowing. Shoots come up through the ground providing us with both sustenance and beauty from the flora and fauna that begins to bloom. Lambs start to appear in the fields reflecting the circle of life here on earth.

We are reminded of our own birth and the purity of our soul as we entered this lifetime. Within each and every one of us is the spark of life that is part of the divine we understand to be our Father God. We have our own life force our spirit within which we should also cherish and nurture so it can grow and develop. All who are part of creation today and beyond are part of the community of the divine, a Brotherhood of God. Our lifetime here is spent with many people who we may touch, speak to or just be amongst. With modern forms of communication being part of this lifetime means we are aware of many aspects good or bad occurring throughout our world. Our purity as we begin our lives means we are filled with love and this is what we should work on and grow. As our unconditional love and respect grows within, it will touch others for we are here not only for ourselves but also for all in creation. As we are spirit held within a physical body we communicate with one another and endeavour to help all we can. We should not forget from whence we came and so it is important to maintain the lines of communication through our divine spark to the spirit world. As we journey through our lifetime following our belief system our expansion may lead us to demonstration which will support our brothers and sisters who seek our support and comfort. The life force we have within is always seeking development and as we journey through our life we are given moments of joy, sadness and difficult choices without which our personal choices and responsibilities in life would remain unchallenged and our spirit within would remain static. As Spiritualists we understand that even thoughts are living things and all our thoughts, words and actions do indeed have an effect. Whatever we do in life we should aim to do it out of love and for the right reasons for we understand on our return to the world of spirit our life is laid out for us to judge. Our lifetime here is short in comparison to the eternal life outside of creation and this is our opportunity to nurture our seed and watch it grow and bloom to a wonderful spiritual rainbow of light.

Image: Hydesville Cake

Author: Jonathan Towler

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