Marian Goulden

Hydesville Divine Service

We held a beautiful Hydesville Service here today at Stockport SNU Spiritualist church to celebrate Hydesville Day, which is on the 31st March. This date is celebrated throughout the Spiritualist National Union. The essence of Hydesville Day is to remind everyone how modern spiritualism began in earnest in 1848
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Candle Service 2013

On Tuesday 17th December 2013 we held our Candle Service. Colin Lomax was our Medium for the evening and Barry Jackson was our special guest who sang and played his flute. The church was full and the atmosphere was wonderful, so many candles were lit in memory of our loved ones in spirit. At the […]
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D & J Russell Philosophy Award 2013

Our Congratulations go to Marian Goulden for writing a philosophy that was recognised by the Manchester District as the best entry in the D & J Russell Award. The Award is designed to encourage local spiritualists to think about their faith and write about it. Obviously this has worked for Marian and it is a
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